Blogger Vs Wordpress : Which Is The Best Platform For Blogging

Blogger Vs Wordpress: Which Is The Best Platform For Blogging:- Hey guys Welcome to our blog . today in this article I am going to tell you which is the best platform for blogging. So guys let's began...

Guys Mainly people think today I start a blog and next day my blog is successful and I become a successful blogger next day, but I like to say you that blogging is not just a game it is a work. If you do hard work so I can say definitely you become successful blogging months or weeks, but you have to do hard work on every platform no matter Blogger Vs Wordpress. The platform does not Making you a successful blogger, only your work make you a successful blogger. So, guys, first thing mention these lines in your mind before starting a blog.
Blogger Vs Wordpress

Blogger vs Wordpress for making money;-

Guys, I know you have a question in your mind that Blogger vs Wordpress for making money. which one is best? Guys he Simple and One Word answer of this question is WordPress is best for making money because friends Blogger doesn't give you full control on your blog and blogger is a product of Google and it only allows to monetize with some ad network. but Wordpress gives you full control and freedom of everything.

Is WordPress or Blogger better ?

Guy,s definitely I say that wordpress is the best platform because you have full control of your blog, You can install a plugin which makes your work easy and many more things but, if you want to make your blog on wordpress you have to purchase a domain and hosting which cost you about 5500 Indian Rupees.
     In Blogger you Have to Only purchase a domain for better user experience and if you wan to starts your blog without investing you can start with blogspot domain which is free but if you want to earn money so you have to purchase a domain and set to your blog.In blogger No need to purchase a hosting .So guys I recomanded you to first start a blog on blogger and when you earn some money then migrate your blogon wordpress.

Guys thank you for reading this article , Hope this article will help you.If You have any confusion and question in your mind feel free to comment.
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