How to do Group video call on Whatsapp

Hey Guys Welcome To our blog Am Raman verma.Today in this article i am going to tell you how to do group video call on Whatsapp. Guys Whatsapp announced group video call feature and stickers update at Facebook F8 2018 conference.Guys Before Starting to brief about this whatsapp feature i like to inform you that this feature is only available in Whatsapp Beta Version Now.I Know mostly People use the whatsapp stable version.Guys befor relising any feature publically it is important to test this feature in beta version. So Guys if you are a Whatsapp stable version user, you have to wait fro this feature. Whatsapp is already a King player in the calling market ; with more than 2 billion minutes of voice and video calls done on the network already.
Group video call on Whatsapp

Group video call on Whatsapp

Guys if you are a beta version user then you Are able to do group video call on Whatsapp, you have to normally video call to anyone as ususal methode when other people accept your call. You get another Button on the Upper right Corner On the Screen where you found + Icon. 
Whatsapp Video Cal In Group

Click on this Button now select the other person which you want to ad in your group Vvideo call on whatsapp and by repeating this methode you can make whatsapp group call of four person together.
   And guys With this feature also many other feature are coming soon on whatsapp . So keep wait for that amazing feature on the Whatsapp Stable version.

Download Whatsapp beta version By :- Click Here

Thank You Guys.Hope This Article {how to do Group video call on Whatsapp} Is Helpful For You.If You Have Any Question Or Confusion In Your Mind Fell Free To Comment.
Thank You 
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