How To Use Google Keyword Tool 2018 - Keyword Research

How To Use Google Keyword Tool 2018 - Keyword Research:- If you are a beginner blogger and you do not know how to
search a better Keyword for better Seo Ranking. I know if you are starting anything you have not enough money to invest,
so i in this article I will tell you a free method to research Keyword with the help of Google Keyword Tool [Keyword Planner].
Keyword Research
Google Research Tool
Guys, first you have to find a topic, for example, I choose how to send whtasapp message. Guys if you are a regular visitor of my
then you know in the previous article i had tell you Top 5 SEO Tips . In the previous article, i had tell you that you have to find
2 Long Tail Keyword 3 Short Tail keyword. After choosing a topic then have to go on a website and paste
your main keyword like {i  choosed how to send whatsapp message} Whatsapp Message.Then this website gives you many.
Choose 2 Long Tail Keyword and 3 Short Tail Keyword From the list.
  After doing the First step you have to open another website Google Adword and then login with your gmail id . After successful
login, you see a menu in the upper right corner. Select setting icon from the menu and the you see many options then you have 
to select Keyword Planner. 
Google Keyword Tool
Keyword Planner
After chossing this you have to pase your one keyword in the box and click on get started. Then you
are able to see competition level, CPC and Seach Volume.
keyword research

You Have To choose the keyword which has more search volume and low competition. This helps you to rank your
article or post easily.

Read My Previos article::- Top 5 SEO Tips & Tricks for Blogger

Suggestion:-Guys if you are new in this filed you have to choose the low volume searches keyword because at the time
when you are a bigner blogger you and your website s not abke tio competite with others professional blogger. When
you blog is old you are master inthis field then you have to choose the High volume Searches keyword.{Note:-It's My
 prsonal suggestion}

Thank you Guys Hope Google Keyword Tool will help you to become a succesful blogger .Happy Blogging
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