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Guys if you are a blogger and you are wandering to know about search engine optimization of a blog. So today I am Going to tell you Top 5 SEO Tips & Tricks For Blogger. 
Blog SEO

Top 5 SEO Tips & Tricks For Blogger


Guys first o all you have to research the minimum five keywords related to your blog post which you are going to write. Reseach 2 Long Tail Keyword and 3 Short Tail Keyword.

#2.Keyword Density

The main factor in optimizing your blog post is Keyword Density. Guys mainly almost blogger do 2 % keyword density in his Blog Post for better Blog SEO. The example that if you are writing a blog post of 100 words then you have to insert your main keyword two times in your blog, so It helps the search engine to define your blog post to google so that google indexed your post and ranked it.

#3.Title & First Paragraph & Last Paragraph

Guys, You have to insert you main targetting keyword in the title Of your post and in the first paragraph and in the middle in your post and at the end of your post. It helps for better SEO Of Your Blog and it also helps the search engine to index your post fastly.


Guys Permalink is another factor on your blog ranking in search engine. In every platform Wordpress or Blogger, you get an option of a custom permalink. You have to set your custom permalink. You have to copy your Blog Post Title and paste it on the custom permalink. You Have to separate the permalink by "dash" "-" Not by the space. This Will also helps in Blog Seo

#5.Social Media Sharing

Nowadays every people are connected on social media by one another. After publishing our blog post. You should share your post with your friend. It Helps For Better Search Engine Optimization Of A Blog.

Suggestion:-Guys if you are new to the field of Blogging. I suggest you choose low volume keyword because it is easy to rank your blog in low competition. When your some post is ranked and you become a successful blogger then you have to compete with other pro bloggers.

Thank you guys hope this article  Top 5 SEO Tips & Tricks For Blogger will help you and you will become a successful blogger.

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