What Is Alexa Rank? How To Improve Alexa Rank Of Your Blog/Website? Full Information

Guys Welcome to our blog TechYT. Today in This Article I will tell you What Is Alexa Rank? How To Improve Alexa Rank Of Your Website. So Guys if you are interesting about this topic and you are a blogger so let's continue the topic.

What is Alexa and Alexa Rank?

In simple words, Alexa is a product of Amazon which decides a specific position of a website/blog called Alexa rank.

How Alexa Decides Your Website Rank?

Alexa decides your website/blog rank with two main factors;-

1. The daily number of visitors and page views decides the ranking of your website on Alexa.
It means More Visitor/Page View=Better Alexa Rank.
2. Alexa gives higher value to search traffic that passes through a website. If I say in a simple word, when a visitor visits your website having the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser, your website ranking will boost up.

How To Check Your Website Alexa Rank?

There are many ways to check your website Alexa rank. guys, I tell you only two methods to check your website Alexa rank.

1. By Alexa Plugin

  • Guys, you have to search Alexa plugin in your desktop browser and then install it.
  • after installing visit your site and click on Alexa plugin now the plugin show your website Alexa rank and many more.

2. Using Alexa Website

  • Guys, you have to visit the official Alexa website.
  • After opening the website paste your website URL into the textbox and then click on Find.
Now Alexa gives you all the data about your website/blog.

How To Improve & Increase Your Website Alexa Rank?

Guys the main factor of your Alexa rank improvement is website traffic. If you want to increase your Alexa rank So you have to increase your website traffic.

                                                  More Traffic = High Alexa Rank

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Follow The following thing to improve Alexa rank of your website

  1. Write Unique Content:- Guys You have to write differently from other blogger and work differently helps to increase your Alexa rank and also website traffic.
  2. Write Content Regularly:- Guys you have to write content in your blog regularly because Google gives more value to the updated website or blog.
  3. Share Your Post On Social Media;- Guys After successfully published your article, You have to share your article on social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc. I suggest you create a page on every social media platform and share your post in it. It helps you to connect your social media audience successfully to your blog or website.
Thank you guys hope this article will help you to increase your Alexa rank and you will become a successful blogger soon.
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